Start a Fundraiser

Fundraise with Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory, and receive 40% of the profits! All orders are placed and paid for online and shipped directly to fundraising organizer.

All the products through this website are available for your fundraising program. 

Apply to start a VIRTUAL fundraising event right on our website!

How It Works

  1. Apply to become a "VIRTUAL" Fundraiser using the form below. Once approved Trish will contact you!
  2. Send the link. Your group will have a special URL on this website. You can send everyone the link so you can begin to make money immediately for your group. Your event will have a start and end date. Create a Facebook group, send emails, make phone calls.  All from the comfort of your home or office.   
  3. Shop online. Make sure you have used your group's special URL so that your group receives credit for your order.  Your group will receive 40% of the profits. To eliminate confusion please make no changes to the order once it has been placed.
  4. Free Shipping.  Shipping is FREE to one location. (Some exceptions may apply). Your group will sort orders and distribute.  The Fundraiser co-ordinator will receive a copy of each order as it is placed.  When the event is complete then all orders will be shipped to the co-ordinator all at one time.

Apply to become a Fundraiser

Please indicate when your fundraiser is done so I can start making the fudge. It takes 1-2 weeks to make the products and approximately a week to ship.



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